Elementary Education

Nurturing Future Leaders

Great Expectations Inspire Thriving Community Leaders

Community Leadership Academy is the first and only charter school in the local school district and community. Our goal is to create an academic enterprise that inspires students to become active agents of change within our communities. We believe that when you expect great things from students, they will rise to that challenge.


We founded CLA to provide students who have faced extraordinary historical economic, environmental, and educational disparity the opportunity to access quality education. To earn the benefits this opportunity grants, students must agree to participate fully in that educational community, by rising to the challenge of elevated expectations, and striving to fulfill the potential all students hold within themselves.


At CLA, students are held accountable to be leaders. We challenge our students everyday to conduct themselves with integrity, compassion, self discipline, and respect – the foundation upon which we believe the leaders of the 21st Century are built.


The organizing principle of Community Leadership Academy is “Institutionalized Excellence”. This means with every effort of every staff member, every student, every parent, throughout the course of each day, establishing excellence in all we do is our focus.