The dress code is a symbol of the unity, respect, and pride of our school community

This appearance reflects professionalism and positive self image. The uniform reflects this attitude by its neatness, cleanliness, appropriate length, and proper fit. Guidelines are issued in the interest of appropriate school attire, modesty, and safety. Students are required to follow the guidelines listed below. Any student who fails to do so will not be allowed to attend classes and must change into appropriate attire. Students are expected to be showered, well-groomed and neatly dressed.

NOTE: Students are not permitted to wear spike earnings or gauges and may not have a hairstyle that causes a distraction to learning. (Example: over 2” mohawks, un natural hair color, etc.)  Visible pierced jewelry shall be limited to the ear. Earrings must be standard size and appropriate for the age of the student, and must only be one per ear. Dog collars, tongue rings, studs, wallet chains, large hair picks, or other jewelry that poses a safety concern for the student or others is prohibited.

Students with inappropriate jewelry or piercing will need to call a parent to pick them up from school. They will only be allowed to return to school after the jewelry is removed. Students may not remove jewelry at school due to health and safety reasons.

(Students need to wear or bring tennis shoes on Physical Education days.)

CLA Dress Code

VPA MS Dress Code

VPA HS Dress Code